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Content is being produced at unprecedented rates, and that production doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

In fact, out of the 1.7 billion websites in existence, 600 million are blogs. In the U.S., more than 31 million active bloggers publish content at least once a month. And 91% of B2B marketers say their companies blog or use other forms of content marketing. These figures don’t even include news, online publications, or other types of content like social media posts and videos.

With this ever-growing tidal wave of content, it can be a challenge to sift through it all and find those golden nuggets of wisdom you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve outlined 10 pieces of content that offer up valuable marketing advice from experts in the industry.

Derek Doeing is a marketer at Rheaply and a former content associate at G2. In this article for the G2 Learn Hub, he not only touches on the history of Pride and best practices for marketing during Pride Month, but he also shares a glossary of terms, the meaning behind and evolution of the flag that symbolizes LGBTQ+ pride, and examples of brands marketing well during Pride Month.

Dennis Shiao is a marketing consultant who focuses on content marketing, social media marketing, and product messaging. In this example- and illustration-filled article based on a ContentTECH Summit keynote by Megan Gilhooly, he explains linear versus circular thinking and why circular thinking is more effective for content marketing.

Nadya Khoja is the chief growth officer at Venngage, and she has shared her expertise in many publications, including MarketingProfs, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. In this article for Search Engine Journal, she explores how search trend data can be used to ideate and create content.

Le’Shae Robinson has experience as an event planner, a digital marketer, and the director of operations for the nonprofit North Limestone Community Development Corp. In this article for Campaign Monitor, she discusses cultural appropriation and stereotyping in marketing and calls for marketers to ask themselves three important questions as they create advertising campaigns.

David Alexander is co-founder and sales director of Social Origin, and Daniel Alexander is co-founder and production manager. Social Origin specializes in podcast production and story-based marketing. In this podcast episode, David and Daniel explore the podcast industry now, where the industry is headed, and their journey of building Social Origin.

Neil Patel is a marketer, founder, and bestselling author. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by President Barack Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under 35 by the United Nations. In this article, he discusses entity-based SEO — what it is, how it can be used, and what the future of SEO holds.

Bozoma “Boz” Saint John is a businessperson and marketer who is currently the chief marketing officer at Netflix. She also served as the CMO at Endeavor, the chief brand officer at Uber, and a marketing executive at Apple Music. In this interview with Lewis Howes, she discusses her background and how to build a successful brand.

Ann Handley is the chief content officer of MarketingProfs, a bestselling author, a keynote speaker, and a writer. She speaks on how businesses can generate tangible results from great marketing. In this MarketingProfs webinar, she discusses why writing matters in marketing, five fundamental writing truths, and how to drive business results through your writing.

Kelsey Raymond is the founder, owner, and CEO of Influence & Co. Her content has been featured in many publications, including Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, and MarketingProfs, and she was named Missouri Small Business Person of the Year in 2020. In this HubSpot article, she explains how SEO can help you work toward three of the main content marketing goals, as well as SEO strategies you can put in place to reach those goals.

Joe Pulizzi is a bestselling author and the founder of Content Marketing Institute. He also hosts a well-known podcast series, This Old Marketing, with Robert Rose. In this article for CMI, Joe discusses the founding of CMI, as well as the seven steps that make up the Content Inc. model for content marketing success.

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